Ash is described as tall and slender, with tousled brown hair and a strong jaw. His mouth curves a bit a the corners almost like he is holding back a smile. His eyes are described as a soft greenish-grey color.


Ash grew up in The Smoke circle with his mother, father, and younger sister Cinder.

When Ash was 15 years old, his sister grew very ill from black lung due to the pollution in the air. Ash skipped school to take her to the free clinic. It was there that Madame Curio found him and told him she could give him a job to earn money to help his sister and family. This job came at a price, Ash could never see his family ever again. He accepted the job and hasn't seen his family ever since.

Over the course of the next three years, Ash has been the companion to many young ladies and the property of the mothers of the young ladies. He had to sleep with some of the mothers because they commanded him to do so.

He was later hired by the Duchess of the Lake to be a companion to Carnelian.


Violet Lasting

He meets Violet Lasting at the palace of the Duchess of the Lake when he is hired to be a companion for the Duchess's niece, Carnelian. They encounter each other when Violet is retreating from the other ladies-in-waiting, and Ash misinterprets Violet as Carnelian. The couple chat animatedly for a few minutes before Violet mentions that she is from the Marsh. Ash realises with horror that she is the surrogate for the House of the Lake, and urges her to hide when Carnelian comes in.

Although they try to avoid each other and pretend not to know each other, they soon fall in love with each other. Even though the love they have for each other is forbidden, they still steal small moments together when Ash is not performing his duties. Their romance, however, leads to Ash's downfall, as Ash risks his life when they are caught together by the Duchess. Ash is thrown into the dungeon, leaving Violet on her own.


He hates avocados because their slimy and taste like soap

He prefers Reed Purling to Stradivarius Tanglewood

His favorite piece by Tanglewood is the prelude in G Major

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