Lucien is a lady-in-waiting to the Electress. He is described to have an oddly childlike face with delicate features. He has a narrow nose, a thin mouth and cream-colored skin. His head is shaved except for a circle of chestnut hair which is tied up into an topknot-the hairstyle of ladies-in-waiting.


Ladies-in-waiting are more than just the highest of servants—they’re confidantes and advisors to their mistresses. They are selected and trained from a young age, and some of them are men, castrated so they can be considered “safe” to work so closely with royal women.



Azalea is Lucien's young sister and would've a surrogate if the royalty had their way. She thought that Lucien wasn't the perfect father figure she was hoping for, but he was still the last person she thought of before she was executed.

Violet Lasting

Lucien first meets Violet when he preps her for the Auction. After Violet is sold to the Duchess of the Lake, she finds Lucien and he offers a chance to reclaim her freedom to choose. According to Sil, Lucien wouldn't stop talking about Violet. In the Black Key, Lucien shows Violet his room and his workshop, making her promise not to let the royalty find it. If the revolution fails, she is to destroy Lucien's workshop.

Ash Lockwood

Lucien and Ash doesn't get along and only creates a begrudging alliance at Violet's insistence.