• Asnow89

    Check out this deleted scene from The Jewel, that Epic Reads just published! Click here to read the original scene on the Epic Reads website.

    Once, in a time long, long ago, there were two sisters who lived in a small village by the sea. The elder sister was raven-haired, with eyes as dark as coals, somber and serious. The younger was fair, joyful, and quick to laugh, with eyes like fire, a bright and burning amber.

    One day, while on an errand for their father, the sisters came upon an old well, lonely and forgotten, its crumbling stones covered with moss. The sisters peered into its depths, but they could not see the bottom. “We should drop a coin in,” the younger sister said. “And see how deep it is.”

    “What does it matter how deep it is?” …

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